Etrata, the Silencer, takes her job a little too far and likes to silence the game...[Investigating]

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I'm not sure what does it, and it doesn't always happen, but occasionally when playing her, she will destroy the opposing creature, then the game soft locks.

It has happened while using Teferi and blue black Tezz. No overlapping cards in the two decks. 

From what I can tell by looking at the battle logs, she does double damage to the opposing PW, and from the screen you can tell she destroys the last opposing creature and that she becomes disabled. The opposing creature destruction does not appear in the battle log. Also, the loop timer does get activated, so the game thinks I'm still pulling cards and playing my turn. 

I've had the game soft lock with only Etrata on my side, one remaining creature opposing; two creatures my side (Etrata in position 1), one remaining creature opposing; 3 creatures my side (Etrata in position 1), 1 remaining creature opposing; 3 creatures my side (Etrata in 3rd position), 1 remaining creature opposing.

Anyone else seen this?

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    Hi @ShaarkBiite

    Can you send me, please, a direct message with your UID and more details about your device and OS? 
    Thank you! 
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    To confirm, I've experienced this with Greg's Etrata exiling my stack of Thopters.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 with most up-to-date Android OS.