Sharing this because I'm a bit proud of figuring this combo out.

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Underrealm Lich(M)
Blood Operative(R)
Lazav, the Multifarious(M)
Price of Fame(UC)
Deadly Visit(C)
Dark Petition(R)
(Interchangeable with anything really)
Rupture Spire(UC)
Sarkhan's Unsealing(R)

Nothing stays down for long because they will keep coming back in the form of Operative/Concot/Petition/. Summon for cheap for half mana with Lazav. Cheap summons with 8/9 mana, creatures with a cost of 15/14/10 with Concot/Petition. Each Operative that comes back does 4 damage to any creature or the opponent with Unsealing with a bonus of 4 dmg to everything across the board with Lich.

I suggest using it more with Bolas2 so his 1 ability draws more to activate Lichs passive to put more cards in the graveyard. Thinking of removing Sarkhan's Unsealing for Beacon Bolt(UC). Some more control with either BloodSun(R) or Alpine Moon(R) . Font of Agonies(UC) or Consecrate/Consume[UC](for hexproofs).
Edit: Added rarity next to cards.


  • Tengu316
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    You should be proud, mate! This is nice! Going to play with it now. I'm liking Beacon Bolt in it just cuz I can't get enough bolting into a game myself, but I'm not sure about removing Unsealing.

    Thanks for posting this, and thanks for the new toy! Off the play!  B)
  • rafalele
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    Thank you for sharing.
  • KingEliuk
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    Thanks for this deck, it does work great with Bolas