Video Series Intro - Ravnica Allegiance Free Mythics And What To Do With Them

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This video introduces a 5-part video series that I'm putting together. The goal is to highlight some effective decks that make use of the 5 free mythics that are available as progression rewards in Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) - Rising Tensions (RT) event series. The conditions that I've listed below are designed to force the deck makers to focus on strategies that don't rely on a ton of mythics and masterpieces, as pretty much all new players will be similarly limited.

  1. The Planeswalker (PW) does not matter, nor does the level. Obviously lower levels will work, but all of my PWs are at 60 so I won't be able to show realistic gameplay at lower levels.
  2. Rarity limitations are as follows: 1 MP (can be a mythic if necessary or desired), 2 Mythic, 2 Rare, 5 Common/Uncommon.
  3. It must contain only one of the five free RNA Mythics.
  4. Please limit your MPs to those from Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) or RNA. Currently the only RNA MP I have is Evolution Vat, so GRN MPs would be better (I have 6 of those).
  5. For fun, it'd be cool to showcase the new RNA mechanics. I realize this may be undesirable to many folks, so I haven't made it a hard requirement.
  6. Your second Mythic must come from Origins, GRN, or RNA.
  7. Try to build your deck to address one of the nodes from Rising Tensions (not a hard requirement).
  8. Decks must be Standard-legal. 
  9. *Please do not use BSZ. I know it makes games way easier, but that's not the point of this exercise. I want to make these accessible to newbies, so let's just give Zenith a break.*

Anyone who wants to can participate in this! Please DM me your decks and I'll try to add them to the lineups I put together before posting the final videos. Keep an eye out for more to come by subscribing to the channel!


  • Dunehawk
    Dunehawk Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    I'll give it a shot. Problem ive had is save for chord, The free mythics are pretty meh by comparison to even good rares.
    Well, here's a Ral bacon deck:
    Storm the vault
    Unmoored ego
    Brass bounty
    Talent of the telepath
    Alpine Moon
    Circu, dimir Lobotomist
    Psychic corrosion 
    Thousand year storm

    I dont own any good MPs so an extra rare it is.
    Deck is pretty simple, play stv, brass bounty/circu, maybe TYS, hit 3 power and play your entire hand every turn. Circu i find is almost overkill. Can throw perilous journey in somewhere.