Thor's Health:

I hav a big unanswered question. I'm N/4-5 transition with a T50 alliance. Sometimes l want the
O.G's answer. When using Thorokoye N/PVP and when I'm done there, Leaving my Thor @ 1/2.
Wat I wanna know iz. Now I'm N/S.H.I.E.L.D climbing with Thorokoye. Now I have to use a health pk on Thor. Does the health pk l used on Thor in S.H.I.E.L.D restore Thor that l left @ half in PVP.
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  • Anon
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    I'm having a little bit of difficulty understanding you, but the health pack would restore your full health.
  • max5esq
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    On defense your Thor is always at full are all your characters.
  • Melovingu1
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    So to recap on ur statement! Even though I leave Thor @ 1/2 it does not matter. On defense he is always @ full Health! 
    With respect! I beg the difference. Why would you make him @ 1/2 power part of ur team, to be a defense player. when he is so vulnerable to B/stunned and killed on defense? This is the reason why l asked this question? < If l leave Thor @ 1/2 and use him somewhere else, and happend to restore his health. Does his health restore in the the previous defense team or will his health stay @ 1/2 azz l left him. 
  • Dormammu
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    Don't worry about defense. There is no defense. It doesn't matter what your team is, if you're worth enough points to someone they're going to hit you no matter who you leave out there. If you don't want to get hit, use a shield.

    But when you attack someone in PvP, their team always starts at 100% health. You've probably noticed this if you've played any PvP.
  • Melovingu1
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    Wat ur saying iz correct > l just wazz wondering on a deeper level. > Thxs 4/all the Input!