3.3.1 Release Notes *Updated (3/20/19)

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A new update was released today.  For details, please see below.  Thanks!

3.3.1 Update

  • Adjust Reward of event Rising Tensions – Azorius Senate   
    • Exclusive Card is: Isperia the Inscrutable
  • GRN – Exclusive Cards
    • Remove text “Exclusive!” from card
    • Add 5 Exclusive Cards to Free Booster:
      • Chorus of the Conclave
      • Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
      • Razia, Boros Archangel
      • Sisters of Stone Death
      • Szadek, Lord of Secrets
  • Removed the option to use Favorite Decks in events, in order to avoid an exploit where players could play with less than 10 cards in their deck. The feature of Favorite Decks being used in events will be re-implemented after this issue is fixed.


  • The completed color indicators are no longer missing when viewing the Color Challenge Objective in the Post-Battle Objectives Screen of a Story mode encounter
  • Experiment Kraj no longer gains Reach and Regenerate 5 while it is Adapted 2 or more, instead of correctly gaining Reach and Regenerate 2 while it is Adapted 5 or more
  • The player's copy of an opponent’s card is no longer missing half of its Mana when matching one of Moratorium Stone’s Activated Gems
  • Creature tokens no longer incorrectly gain Riot when summoning tokens, while Rhythm of the Wild is on the board
  • The Riot prompt now correctly appears when casting a creature that has been in the hand for at least one turn after being targeted by Domri, Chaos Bringer’s Rite of Passage Ability
  • Top ranked Coalition flag icons are no longer missing when viewing the top ranked Coalitions leaderboard
  • The app no longer soft-locks when casting multiple Cartouche cards after the player summons a Creature while the opponent’s battlefield is empty
  • The card Gruul Guildgate (RNA) now correctly converts gems to Red or Green, instead of to Red or White
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