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Teysa Karlov... best combos?

Etan0WintersEtan0Winters Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
Teysa Karlov, White/Black, Mythic Creature, 4 power / 6 toughness, 12 Mana.

"Whenever another nontoken non-copy creature  you control dies or loses a reinforcement, copy it. It gains half of its mana.

Creature tokens you control have Vigilance and Lifelink."

So... throw her in where? White token deck? How can she be better than awkward in an Afterlife deck? Is it worth it to try her with a reinforcement sacrifice deck? Zombies? Rakdos zombies?

What battlefield entry effects are best in black/white standard right now?

It's very possible that my interest in her is only sentimental...


  • Etan0WintersEtan0Winters Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
    Advice, please.

    Vraska 2 (Golgari Queen)

    Teysa Karlov
    Teysa, Orzhov Scion
    Isareth the Awakener

    Kaya's Wrath
    Gather the Pack
    Glimpse the Unthinkable
    Final Payment

    Rupture Spire
    Journey to Eternity

    Almost a Primeval's Rebirth deck. Almost with Torgarr. 

    The idea is to simply put as many creatures in the graveyard as possible and use the girls' abilities to always have them going places... always in the ground, always in your hand, and always on the battlefield.

    Glimpse the Unthinkable is unnecessary, and other than that Teysa Karlov and Isareth are the only two mythics. 

    It is fairly fun to play (I like zone change effects), but seems to suffer from a need for mana.

    Other ideas are to use Elspeth for the constant white creature tokens and lifelink, or Bolas for haste and sacrifice...

  • JL1994JL1994 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    You could run it alongside Lyzolda (or another sacrifice engine) and Graveyard Marshal (or another black leader). Could use help with consistency (activate gems can be unreliable), but it would be a decent start.
  • Etan0WintersEtan0Winters Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
    What I'm often using these days...

    Vraska 1

    Teysa Karlov
    Seraph of Scales

    (Between the Seraph's Afterlife and V's pirates, we don't need a third... the extra Teysa, Orzhov Scion was bottlenecking my hand a lot)

    You're right, the white activation gems are really clunky. Those work better when I go with Sorin. Sometimes the Teysas work together but most often it's only an affectation, and the deck really benefits from a bit of Vigilant First-Striking combat dominance.

    Rupture Spire
    Journey to Eternity (wow, this support puts in so much work here)

    Gather the Pack
    Final Payment
    Consecrate//Consume (a very versatile card which happens to hurt a lot whenever used against this deck)
    Biogenic Upgrade

    The "sacrifice a reinforcement" spells were too situational and I think that the meta right now really needs reliable removal.
  • MatthewMatthew Posts: 543 Critical Contributor
    Teysa is great when paired with Mirror March. Check out the Orzhov Pontiff video on my channel, it has her in it.
  • Etan0WintersEtan0Winters Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
    Matthew said:
    Teysa is great when paired with Mirror March. Check out the Orzhov Pontiff video on my channel, it has her in it.
    I have indeed seen your beautiful decklist there. I've been trying to get Mirror March and the Riteknife (and Killer Instinct) since I saw Lyz and Teysa, but I'm behind on my collecting.

    I found that Teysa bottlenecks your hand with that kind of setup. A few copies are great but a hand full of them, when you have a deck full of masterpieces especially, doesn't measure up.

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