Some Glitches I've encountered after Update 3.3

The devs really need to figure this out. The game is fast becoming the worst feel bad experience I've had since I started.
Why should I expend money and invest my time when this happens? Frequently... I might add.

1) Blood Sun Glitch
Strange occurrence regarding a match not triggering. I assume it's Blood Sun as it's supposed to reduce a shield from all land supports and is the only thing affecting supports at the time.

2) Stealing Opponent's Creature Glitch
I think I saw this somewhere else in the forum as a known issue. If update 3.3 was suppose to fix this - it didn't.

3) Random Token Lock Glitch

Hopefully this can be resolved in the near future. Thanks.


  • wai_jai
    wai_jai Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Yes, I have encountered the token glitch just in a recent match.  It is annoying because Elspeth is a “manditory” character in the event so there are many encounters with AI Elspeth’s.