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TG XP reward

MachineMachine Posts: 314 Mover and Shaker
In summary, I've explained my suggestion here:

Let cards gain 20 XP in TG for the first four wins. After that (after getting all the rewards) subsequent wins can be awarded with 6 XP per win.

With the old system, I was able to master a new legacy mythic in 40 matches. We the current 6 XP system, it takes forever, i.e. 134 (!!!) matches. Needless to say, I stopped playing TG, until this rebalance is implemented.


  • KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,522 Chairperson of the Boards
    TG isn't for that anymore though... It's for testing decks. You are meant to get the XP from doing a bit of everything, not just grinding one thing.
  • MachineMachine Posts: 314 Mover and Shaker
    I know it's not for that anymore NOW, but that's how I used to use it. I'm just curious what Oktagon's point of view is regarding this suggestion.
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