Rupture Spire + Blood Sun soft-lock [Investigating]

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I'm really not fully aware of what caused this soft-lock, but it's some interaction with Rupture Spire.

Battle Log

Turn 10 (opponent's turn)
Blood Sun was triggered x2
(Red +06)(Loyalty +05)
Blood Sun was triggered
Rupture Spire was triggered
Blood Sun was triggered
(Loyalty +05)
Blood Sun was cast be [opponent]
[opponent] gained an extra swap
[opponent] used ability Temur's Hunger
Major Tarkir Dragon was cast by [opponent]
Major Tarkir Dragon was triggered
Temur's Hunger was cast by [opponent]
(Blue+06)(Loyalty +01)
Assure was cast by [opponent]
Rupture Spire was cast by [opponent]
[opponent] drew a card
Blood Sun was triggered
And then the game soft-locks. It seems like the game soft-locked after the Rupture Spire cast and the board is stuck in this state where all of the gems of my opponent's colors (R/G/B) are destroyed, but the cascade isn't happening. The board is just frozen with all of the voids from where the gems used to be.

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