Bounty of Might soft-lock [Investigating]

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I didn't see this one on the bug list.

Playing a Simic deck with Simic Ascendency and some adapt minions. I'm trying to test if Bounty of Might will reinforce Simic Ascendency.

My board
Sharktocrab (2)
Trollbred Guardian (2)

Simic Ascendency

Opponent's board
Relentless Hunter

The play
On my turn, I match and cast only Bounty of Might.  On "NOT NOW/SELECT" pop up, I select my Trollbred Guardian and press "SELECT." Nothing happens, but Trollbred Guardian is highlighted with the white border. I tap on Sharktocrab and tap "SELECT." Nothing happens, but now both Trollbred Guardian and Sharktocrab are highlighted. Just for experimentation, I tap on the opponent's Relentless Hunter and tap "SELECT." Nothing happens, but now all three minions on the board are highlighted in white.

I tap on "NOT NOW." Nothing happens. Interestingly, if I repeat the above-described process, but tap "NOT NOW" each time instead of "SELECT," I get the same result. I cannot get the "NOT NOW/SELECT" pop up to close, thus my game is soft locked.

Battle Log
Turn [9]
Thunderherd Migration was drawn
[My Planeswalker] used ability Crashing Waves
Simic Ascendancy was triggered
Simic Ascendancy was triggered
I still don't know if Bounty of Might reinforces Simic Ascendency -_-
I'll keep testing.

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  • Ark
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    I tried a second match and could not reproduce this bug, but I have confirmed that Bounty of Might does cause Simic Ascendency to reinforce 3 times, as expected.

    When it doesn't soft-lock, anyway.
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    Hi @Ark

    Thank you for report!
    I will pass that info along to the team for use in their investigation.