Combined Arms should be a permanent PVP event



  • CT1888CT1888 Posts: 1,201 Chairperson of the Boards
    qandols said:
    Just tried a fight with Carol, IF and Daken. Against Chavez, Loki and Hawkeye. They are deadly I tell you. The board shakes and fills with crits and Hawkeye CD:s. And I had FOUR Carol black CD:s out. Had I only had some yellow I could have fixed it, but oh no. Bummer!
    Carol / Loki / Daken for maximum carnage. Let them make a match 4 match green and things start to kick off.

    My only issue with this event is that I am lazy, and after a view matches I end up sticking with that team cos it takes so long to change all three. 

    If it got put into normal rotation, we could actually end up seeing it less often than we do now... 
  • steakleathersteakleather Posts: 121 Tile Toppler
    Glockoma said:
    ...I was able to use so many characters and so many teams that health packs were almost nil. 

    I actually used a health pack on 2* bullseye. 2* BULLSEYE. I haven't done that since my first week playing 4 years ago.
  • bluewolfbluewolf Posts: 4,910 Chairperson of the Boards
    This health pack drain is interesting for while, then gets old quickly.  It’d help if the character selection wasn’t so cumbersome. 

    And look!  More characters incoming....
  • bbiglerbbigler Posts: 1,400 Chairperson of the Boards
    jamesh said:
    I kind of miss the old 1/2/3 version of Combined Arms.  Juggernaut, Black Widow, and Luke Cage made a great team that the AI couldn't really screw up on defense: rainbow coverage with a single active on each colour.
    Yeah, does everybody realize that combined arms used to be 1/2/3?  2/3/4 was an upgrade. 
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,531 Chairperson of the Boards
    What they need to do is make more PvP events like Combined Arms. They can keep running the featured 3-stars but lock out the two other positions to 4-stars and 2-stars like they do for Combined Arms. Have one of these every season and feature fan-favorite 3-stars.

    Combined Arms: IM40
    Combined Arms: Iron Fist
    Combined Arms: Kamala Khan

    Or better yet, like one of the suggestions above, run these as Lightning Rounds.
  • Tony_FootTony_Foot Posts: 1,089 Chairperson of the Boards
    Used to love it, now I find it too slow. I'm so used to the speed I don't have time for a slower game. I played until 575 and quit. I guess loads ignored it too because I didn't take a single hit all event!

    I'm also well out of practice actually thinking about teams and synergy. Excellent event just not for me anymore.
  • CaracticusCaracticus Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    I ran this up to 900 to get Rogue and enjoyed it. It's nice to use my full roster once again and it put me into a thinking mode about what 4/3/2 combinations work well. In 5* land, there's minimal creativity when I'm 100% running Kitty+Grocket.

    I hope they make this more frequent somehow, including variations as other have suggested.
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