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Problem with character selection in Combined Arms

JSP869JSP869 Posts: 526 Critical Contributor
If the 2-star team spot is highlighted, which it is by default when you first view your team line-up, tapping a 4-star character does not replace the currently selected 4-star with your choice. Instead, the 2-star slot just pulses as if to point out that I'm trying to replace a 2-star with a 4-star. No, I'm not trying to do that at all, I'm trying to replace the currently selected 4-star with the one I just tapped on.

This may not be a bug, but it is most definitely a technical issue, and it's one that's been going on since Combined Arms was introduced.

If you can program in the little "pulse", you can FIX the program so that even if the 2-star or 3-star spot IS highlighted, when I tap on my chosen 4-star they just replace the current 4-star.
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