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Thank You!

DkroneDkrone Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
I just wanted to say thanks for all the bug fixes in this release. I didn’t realize how much some of them were affecting my game play. After I updated, several of my decks were much stronger.

We tend to focus on what’s currently busted, but I just wanted to say the fixes are appreciated!


  • starfallstarfall Posts: 903 Critical Contributor
    There are some neat little changes in this update, #1 definitely being how much more responsive the "view graveyard" option is.

    And is it my imagination, or is the long scrolling PW selection menu easier to scroll now?
  • GilescloneGilesclone Posts: 735 Critical Contributor
    The changes to RT are great.  Now if you lose your first game you don’t have to wait 2 hours to play again.  And you can play the charges in any order 
  • madwrenmadwren Posts: 1,778 Chairperson of the Boards
    Yep, the changes to RT were most welcome, and I certainly appreciate it.
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