Talos' AP theft -- No Color?

PiMacleod Posts: 1,721 Chairperson of the Boards
Playing in Shield Training, making use of all of Talos' abilities, I stunned Captain Marvel.  

Then I used Access Granted on her.

In the text description, where it would normally show the color being stolen, instead it showed the words "No Color".  But when I matched red tiles, it still worked.  So it works, but had a weird/erroneous description...

Also, during the time I was running Access Granted, I decided to use it again on Ares, just for fun... and it showed me the color "Red" once again, even though his strongest is green.  But when I matched green tiles, it worked how the description said it would.  Once again, a weird/erroneous description. 

I took a screenshot on my phone, but have yet to upload it to a server anywhere.  If someone needs it, I'll get on doing that.