Creative Uncommons Bundle (3/12/19)

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Hi Everyone,

Are you a newer player looking to bolster your 2-Star team? Maybe you're an experienced player that wants to expedite the Champion Rewards they receive from their 2-Star characters. Whatever your reason may be, we've got a new bundle available to players called the Creative Uncommons Bundle that you might enjoy! 

Check out all the details below:

Creative Uncommons Bundle
  • Visible only for players that have completed the Tutorial and also acquired the Starter Pack bundle.
  • Available for 3 days after first seeing the bundle
  • Price: $9.99 USD (converted to your region's currency and/or platform)
  • Contents:
    • 3 Covers of each 2-Star character [1 of each ability]
      • Spider-Man (Bag-Man)
      • Ares
      • Black Widow (Original)
      • Bullseye (Dark Avengers)
      • Captain America (Steve Rogers)
      • Daken (Dark Avengers)
      • Hawkeye (Modern)
      • Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
      • Magneto (Marvel NOW!)
      • Moonstone
      • Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel)
      • Storm (Classic)
      • Thor (Marvel NOW!)
      • Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men)
    • 1,700 Hero Points
    • 18,000 Iso-8
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