Enough Kitty Pryde, Carnage, Medusa



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    all i see is Kitty/Grocket/Bishop or Thorkoye combos in PVP
  • Tempestelf2
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    3* cap marvel, 3* gambit and kamila Kahn. Let cap marvel get hit once generate black and red, use gambit to hit kitty with all black and then red generating more black red green and purple. Kamila restores all health, kamila fires purple and green. Always match with cap marvel. I have one a few times like this. 
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    Yawns.... Boring post...
  • Jacklag
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    I have beaten many Gritty teams in PvP thanks to 4*Cap and BRB, but Cardusa teams still scare me away. I think it's because of their infiniteness. BRB+Worthy cap become invulnerable to Gritty by the second or third turn of play, but Cardusa just keeps growing and healing and firing more powers. 
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    himatako said:
    Maybe if there's a character who's like R&G but starts the match with Protect tiles instead, that would have helped. But that would never happen because it would save health packs too easily. 
    Hey look. The devs actually noticed someone.