Is it worth trading in 6 covers for a 5/1/5 Okoye?

rocks52 Posts: 232 Tile Toppler
Or would I be wasting the saved covers. Shuri is my BH but getting those yellow reward covers will take For.Eve.R


  • Bowgentle
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    If the roster in your sig is accurate, no.
    You don't want to enter dual 5* MMR with Cap as your second.
  • rocks52
    rocks52 Posts: 232 Tile Toppler
    That roster is like 1.5 years old. My champed 5* are both Caps, Thor and Logan
  • T_REZ5000
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    I would wait.  You never know when she might be featured in a legendary token store.  MPQ is having a Wakanda celebration atm.
  • Glockoma
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    It was difficult at first for me because I only had Jean Grey as my 5*. But I made it work well. Sure, my sheild hopping had to be pretty close to impeccable, but I covered all the ground I needed to.

    I did make it a point to strive for the latest 3 5*’s in the legendary store. I saved up around 300 pulls and went all in at once. I came out with a maxed IW Cap, Okoye, and JJ. This really put me in a better place to become competitive. But honestly, I do just as well as before only more of a relaxed approach. I still have a struggle sometimes if I join a late event or encounter bad rng, etc.
  • JSP869
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    No. You want her tanking as much as possible when you finally Champion her, so you do not want to give up those future Champion levels by trading them in for covers.

    Set her as your 5* BH and Shuri as your 4* BH and as long as you're regularly pulling Classics (& maybe Latest) you will eventually fully cover her, and when you Champion her and immediately get those 6 Champion levels (or more) & all of their rewards, you'll be very glad you never traded the covers in.
  • rocks52
    rocks52 Posts: 232 Tile Toppler
    Even if I had the 250 cp to spend it's on a black cover.  40 covers from yellow with Shuri.  The waiting is the hardest part