BoFT Mavren Fein banishing creatures

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I'm not seeing anyone else talk about this so it must not be a glitch, but I don't see any legit source of this effect so I don't know how to resist it.

During a match with Mavren in Battle of Four Tribes, on occasion when my creatures attack, they will disappear.  No combat damage, no animation, no graveyard.  No support or creature implying this effect.  Just gone, one after the other.  It has occurred with two different Planeswalkers, whether Mavren has creatures or not, whether I have three or less creatures. I obviously can't see into exile but that's irrelevant because there was no percieved active effect on the field that should have sent them there, or anywhere.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Can anything be done to stop it?


  • TPF Alexis
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    Probably nothing can be done to stop it here in the Marvel Puzzle Quest help forum. You may have more luck in the Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest forum further down the main page.
  • Tilwin90
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    It seems most likely that Mavren had Settle the Wreckage out (if you are playing with speed mode on you most certainly missed it entering the battlefield as not even cards played by the opponent create any pop up in that mode). It causes attacking creatures to disappear from the battlefield (unfortunately there is no effect right now ingame for the exile, so the creatures just disappear).

    If you were playing Karn I also suspect you saw no gems changing color because he is colorless (I haven't experimented with Karn and Settle to confirm this).
  • ManiiNames
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    He was playing Settle.  You can look in the log and it'll show you what happened.