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GrumpyGrixis, The Un-Coalition, is looking for like-minded individuals to slog through MTG:PQ together the best we can!

Who we are: We're a husband/wife team just trying to get by in a gaming world that sometimes goes wonky. We play strictly for fun and strictly casually; life has enough demands on time and attention without a game adding to it. This makes us a bit different from more competitive groups:

- Can't make your progression? No problem! We've been there. Need a hand getting the job done? We may be able to help (or at least cheer you on as you try to get 'er done).

- Can't play in all the events? We're raising a teenager who specializes in drama; it's a miracle we can click on the icon to start the game let alone play all the time! Play when you can, no worries.

- Don't want to play a certain event? Play the events you enjoy! It's a game, not a job. No weekly "work" reviews here, no to-do lists for us, and no setting alarms to optimize your playing times.

- Player level/mastery too low? Nah, not for us! Everybody has to start somewhere and that somewhere is always on the low side. We're good for that.

- Don't like being all that sociable? We're there with you; sometimes life is a bit too busy to turn a game into a social event! We won't ask you to install chat apps or the like. So, just like game play itself, chat when you want! Ask questions, interact when you want to without worrying about not being "interactive" enough.

What we require: Not a whole lot at all, really. The main thing is to not go inactive without telling us. If it looks like you've abandoned the game, you'll get pinged in a month or so and, if you don't respond, kicked (cuz inactive players in groups are a pet peeve of mine). Oh, and don't be a jerk to anyone in chat (cuz that's a pet peeve of my wife). After that... well, that's it, really. 

What GrumpyGrixis can give you: Obviously... not much. We're not likely to ever break the top 100 in coalition event, so if you're after packs and pink gems and all  the toys, don't bother joining; GrumpyGrixis ain't for you. However, if you want a "home" where you can just play, maybe get a few little goodies from being in a coalition that's about as irregular as you can ask for, then we might be a good fit for you.

Interested? Let us hear from you!