2019 Character Wish List

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I thought I would start a new character wishlist thread, as seeing some or most of characters have already been added into the game, in no particular  order.

Here is my personal list, feel free to add your own

1. Stryfe
2. Mysterio
3. Hobgoblin
4. Sauron
5. Mr. Sinister 
6. Sabretooth
7. Super Skrull 
8. Ronan the Accuser
9. Terrax
10. Annihilus
11. Abyss
12. Omega Red
13. Holocaust 
14. Sentinel ( maybe have an event against Master Mold)
15. Blob
16. Quasar 
17. Adam Warlock
18. Dormammu
20.  Blackheart
21. Shocker
22. Mandarin
23. Beta Ray Bill
24. Sleepwalker
25. Nightmare 
26. Shatterstar

Alot of villians... and I'm sure there are more characters,  but that's all I can think of for now..

What do you all think?


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    Why am I so far down the list?  >:)
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    Good list.  I'd add:

    Black Cat
    Red Skull
    White Fox
    Blue Marvel
    Spider-Man 2099
    Anti-Man (not Ant-Man, Anti-Man, Connor Simms)
    Marquis of Death
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    To me, it's obvious that there's a big gap and a bigger demand for villains (playable and otherwise). As far as heroes go, there seems to be a lot more fertile ground to add characters to the game from the X-Men side of the marvel universe. Magik being added is very exciting and I would hope that we might see more New Mutants or X-Force related characters....

    X-men Heroes:



    Dani Moonstar


    Warlock (w/ Cypher as support)




    Multiple Man






    Non X-men Heroes (a lot harder to come up with good ones that we don't already have):

    Moon Girl



    Misty Knight

    Adam Warlock

    Viv Vision




    Lady Deathstrike








    Black Cat

  • DAZ0273
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    and also

  • OzarkBoatswain
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    a Sentinel - so I can play Magneto Storm Sentinel. Capcom joke.

    Omega the Unknown

  • Ariesrisen74
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    Legion could possibly be the most dangerous mutant in the Marvel Universe. 
    He is instantly crazy mutant because he defeats x-professor  (the son vs the father)
  • Geogeo999
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    Honey Badger!!!!

    Related image

    She's real real good in both the All-New Wolverine and X-Men Red comics. I get that she is probs not the most in demand, but could be real cool, even as a support for X-23. Although I'd pitch her as a 4 star with a Jonathan support that can be equipped by all Wolverines.

    Image result for honey badger x-23 jonathan
  • Ed_Dragonrider
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    Agent Melinda 'The Cavalry' May
    Mantis (her stun should be epic)

    And really i dont even need mantis... just the first two would be enough to make me happy :)
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    I think Mysterio will come along with the premiere of the new Spider-Man movie
  • MissoesRicRose
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    Anti Venom
  • MissoesRicRose
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    White Tiger
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    Geogeo999 said:
    Honey Badger!!!!

    Badgers?  Badgers?  We don't need no steenkin' Badgers!!!

    Ask, and ye shall receive!
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    2019 Wish List:

    *Routine* Old Character Rebalancing
  • Geogeo999
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    6. Sabretooth

    Although with the last clue being Embrace Nature, we probably should have gotten:

  • Kingart813
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    Hahaha, Throg, hopefully that will just be a skin!
  • IIAlonditeII
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    It's a long shot, but I'd love Nate Grey.

    I think it's pretty safe bet that we'll get Beta Ray Bill after the new GotG comes out in MCU.
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    So with Marvel Phase 4 announced, we know there's surprisingly not a lot of MCU tie-in content coming out unless there's characters planned to connect with Endgame and Spiderman home releases. But basically Phase 4 could see some tie-ins in 2020 and 2021 based on what got announced at Comic con:

    Black Widow movie: Yelena Belova repeat?
    Eternals movie: Who can say? I don't know these characters
    Shang Chi movie: Shang-Chi, The Mandarin
    Falcon and Winter Soldier show: Baron Zemo? Can we get a Falcap re-design?
    WandaVision show: Monica Rambeau (Spectrum/Photon/Captain Marvel). 5 star Scarlet Witch

    All that would be 10+ months away. So what to do in the interim!? So far this year, we've gotten 14 characters, 7 of which are arguably direct MCU tie-ins (Mysterio, Hela, Thanos, Hawkeye, Rescue, Captain Marvel, Talos). Not being tied to this strategy frees up a lot of new character opportunities.

    Right now it seems like we're hitting X-Men hard but just doing new versions of old characters - Storm, Iceman, one more rumored in the pipeline. Maybe a la Black Cat, we will get more characters connected to comic book launches. Putting two and two together... there's a huge X-Men relaunch going on right now. Starting with House of X/Powers of X (which we are getting a new pvp event for) and now they've shown covers and lineups for the new titles following that event...

    So PREDICTIONS of most likely choices if they go this route:
    5 star Professor X from House of X might make sense.
    4 star Quentin Quire (Kid Omega) - he is in the new X-Force. He's been in a lot of comics by this point. Was even a West Coast Avenger with the Hawkeyes, America Chavez, and Gwenpool. all of whom are in the game. He's a real piece of ****.
    4 star Pyro - on a team called Marauders which features super heavy-weight X-Men we already have. Also one of the most recognizable X-villains.
    4 star Havok - I think he and Polaris are the oldest school and most commonly printed Marvel characters in existence that are yet to be in Marvel Puzzle Quest. After being a main X-man for a long time, he's again in the re-launch.
    And they're relaunching New Mutants - If we don't eventually get at least one of Sunspot, Cannonball, Danielle Moonstar (Mirage), or Wolfsbane I'd consider it a huge missed opportunity.

    Also Betty Ross as Harpy in recent Immortal Hulk issues is one of the scariest things I've ever seen, so her too.


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    well I got Prof X right but not the right iteration. I'll take it.
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    I would expect we might get a 5* Magneto as they are doing the "Omega Level" Mutant variants.
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    Which means my prediction of Quentin Quire will also come to pass. Confirmed!