Thanos Blocking Tile Creation on Ock Wave (Sinister 6)

TheRealJRadTheRealJRad Posts: 309 Mover and Shaker
I had Thanos' "Infinite Power" tile out when some of Ock's countdown tiles resolved. The space wasn't filled with a basic tile, and the reactor tile never converted. Will update with a screenshot.


  • TheRealJRadTheRealJRad Posts: 309 Mover and Shaker
  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,088 Chairperson of the Boards
    My internet connection glitched and your screenshot didn't load until I refreshed, and all I could think was "Thanos seems to be blocking the screenshot, too."
  • TombstoneTombstone ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 1,055 Chairperson of the Boards
    Thank you for reporting. Could you send a ticket to Customer Support with this information so they can investigate further?
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