Hixus, Prison Warden bug, not enabling [Investigating]

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Found a bug with Hixus. I just played a match where a cornered Hixus disabled all 3 of my creatures. I was completely stuck so I foolishly exiled it and my creatures then stayed disabled (a feature of Hixus that really needs to be changed). But then the AI played another Hixus a few turns later so I destroyed it with gem matches thinking it would enable my creatures but it didn’t. I ended up having to slowly kill all of my creatures then cast them again while spamming enough unsummon spells to keep my opponent at bay. The whole match ended up taking me 79 turns and I only have a level 30 Teferi!

For the life of me I don’t see why destroying the second Hixus shouldn’t have worked. The text says “When this support is destroyed enable all of your opponents creatures.” So even though that particular Hixus didn’t disable my creatures, they were disabled when I destroyed it so that should have enabled them.

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  • ManiiNames
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    Quite a few threads on this topic.  Agree it is suboptimal behavior.
  • Brigby
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    The first Hixus being Exiled, as opposed to Destroyed, should keep your creatures Disabled still. That is by design.

    As for the second Hixus being Destroyed by matching though, I'm not sure if your creatures should remain Disabled after that. I'll be sure to inquire about the intended behavior with the team.
  • LeafHedger
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    I know the exiling keeping creatures disabled feature is an intended effect of the card, I simply think that by including that feature you are limiting the number of counters to Hixus even more which seems pretty unbalanced for a card that only costs 6 mana.