Price of Fame - Not doiing Survey Effect [Investigating]

ZummiteZummite Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
Price of Fame
Destroy target creature. If was a Legendary creature, gain 6 mana. Surveil 2.

When casting Price of Fame on a NON Legendary creature, It trigger the survey effect causing you to choose Up to 2 cards.
The chosen cards aren't put in the graveyard.

/edited title  - Daiane


  • Oktagon_DaianeOktagon_Daiane ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 172 Tile Toppler
    Hi @Zummite

    Thank you for report! We'll investigate this issue. 
  • ZW2007-ZW2007- Posts: 805 Critical Contributor
    Just came to report this same thing. I would like to note that it works fine if you target a Legendary creature and gain 6 mana. It seems like the surveil effect somehow got tied to the "If it was a Legendary creature, gain 6 mana." clause.
  • TremayneTremayne Posts: 789 Critical Contributor
    I do not get the specified 6 mana. In the recent game I only got 4 mana.
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