3.2 Hot Fixes *Updated (2/1/19)

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Hi Everyone,

Here are some of the recent updates added to the 3.2 hot-fix patch:

  • Zendikar / Eldrazi Booster Packs have been added to the Vault.
    • Start Time: 1/29/19 08:00 UTC
    • End Time: 2/4/19 08:00 UTC
Bug Fixes
  • Lathliss, Dragon Queen now correctly reinforces when a non-token Dragon enters the battlefield.
  • Fixed an issue where Nodes of Power was awarding a BFZ Super Pack, instead of a BFZ Rare card.
  • Avacyn's Madness now grants the correct amount of card experience *New Update*
  • Aether Revolt Masterpiece cards have been added to the Kaladesh Block booster packs. *New Update*
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