Better matchmaking for PvP... ! :(

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Hi, in Training Grounds I've recently started using a level 1 planeswalker with super-cheap but effective deck (7 mana or less). My reason for this is, it's quicker to beat a low level opponent because of low HP, and most opponents I get matched with don't seem to have prepared a low level deck - they use a more powerful deck that's great for lvl 60, but costs too much with an unleveled PW and has too long of a strategic plan. Their strategies might not kick in until several turns by which time they died to the cheap weenies I've been rapidly summoning. OK, great!

Now the problem is that the matchmaking sometimes gets me a reasonable opponent and sometimes it's a real joke (not the funny kind). My lvl 1 PW has been getting matched with lots of opponents level 1 - 11.... and today vs. a level 17 (Angrath). I haven't been too worried before because I can still usually win against lvl 11. But level 17? This guy has all 3 of their PW abilities unlocked and I have zero. Opponent I am matched with has access to a whole additional strategic layer and I do not. I'm not asking for perfectly "fair" fights, but there are definitely improvements that can be made to the system.

Off the top of my head, I would suggest only matching opponents who are at the same tier of PW abilities. So my level 1 could get matched with someone up to level 5. Level 6 with a PW ability could be matched with any opponent who has 1 PW ability (the level would vary, since after 1st ability they unlock differently for different PWs). 

And another matchmaking problem... I beat the first three matches of Training grounds, claim a low level opponent for the 4th and then swap up to a level 60 PW. The opponent doesn't change when I change PW, so now I'm stomping all over a grossly mismatched opponent. It's haha but not really a great thing, right? It screws in the other direction too - say I start off Training Grounds with a lvl 60 PW, then after a couple matches feel like playing my level 1 PW... well, since the level 60 opponent is claimed BEFORE I can switch my PW, I would have to go up against that level 60 with my level 1. Huh? Why doesn't the opponent refresh when I switch PW?



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    From what I've seen, until your PW hits level 11, the opponent can be ANY level of PW. At level 11, the +/-10 rule generally applies.