I am looking for a new Alliance

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I am a fairly heavy player in MPQ.  I think I'm in the beginnings of the 4 Star Level.  I play mostly PvP, but I also play the PVE and I love the Alliance Events.  However, it seems my present Alliance is down to me and one other player.  That's frustrating when an Alliance event comes up.

so if any viable alliance, preferrably with lots of active players, is recruiting, I'm listening to pitches.


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    Well, if you're interested,  the EUSKALAVENGERS can easily free up a slot for you.  

    We dont have hard set rules except that when an alliance event comes around, if you're gonna play, please contribute!  Most people do, but theres been an occasional player or two that joins and does nothing.  That's not cool.

    Also, 10 days gone without letting us know will get ya kicked out. 

    And of course, we dont tolerate people being generally disrespectful to others in our group.

    How we play is pretty casual.  Theres around 12+ of us who are on daily.  4 of us are in 5* land.  Most of the rest are either deep in 4* or wading in 3* territory.  We also have a couple newbies, but they are vastly outnumbered.

    For bosses, we usually reach round 8, but only beat it a time or two.

    If you are interested, let me know.
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    Zeddicus zul has spot must be active. Give five days.
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    Mad about MPQ is a T50/T100 PvE focused Alliance. We expect our members to hit full progression in every event, which isn't terribly hard, just 5-clear each node every Sub and you're there. Individual placement isn't important, but some of our players are super competitive and often finish T10, if not 1st or 2nd.

    Alliance events we typically finish Friday night/Saturday morning, U.S. time, so 24 hours early.

    We don't have a really hard PvP requirement but would expect you to at least get the 10CP in each event, as it helps build your 4* roster.

    We are a Private Alliance and are currently full, so you need to check the right boxes when searching for us, but our 20th player wants/needs to quit so we can bring you on board immediately, if you're interested. 
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    Hi there, if you're interested in joining Poppupians let me know and I'll pass your details on to our commander. We hit top 250 each PVP event and fully completed the last alliance event. Supportive and mixed group, from rising 3* players to full - on 5* rosters. Play daily, hit 4000+ points per season the only requirements. Alliance events encouraged, PVE totally optional. We're busy but not too demanding and I hope you'll consider us. Full at time of writing but with inactive newbies who I'm sure we could boot for you, we might even have a space as you read this. Reply to thread or PM if interested.
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    @Salacious_D Are you guys still looking?
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    @Chitosama Just messaged you 😊