UI: Viewing the graveyard [Fixed] and deckbuilder scrollbar

starfallstarfall Posts: 1,409 Chairperson of the Boards
When trying to view the graveyard, the icon is very unresponsive. Whats the problem here? Is the area which detects a tap too small?

I'm on an Android Galaxy A5 2017, so the screen is average sized for a phone.


  • mrixl2520mrixl2520 Posts: 176 Tile Toppler
    I've noticed this too. I think you actually need to press the little arrow icon next to the graveyard, which is unintuitive.

    Similarly, once you're in the graveyard, the creature/spell/support icons feel backwards. If I click on the creature icon it shows everything but creatures. Ergo, if I want to see what spells are in my graveyard I have to click the creature icon AND the support icon to get those to go away. Totally backwards. 
  • MobyslickMobyslick Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    Yeah I find myself tapping 3-4 times, sometimes it doesn't respond and sometimes it flips to the GY and back to the hand instantly... need a bigger hotspot because it's VERY frustrating.
  • starfallstarfall Posts: 1,409 Chairperson of the Boards
    Thankyou so, so much for fixing the GY icon! So much nicer to use now!!!

    Now, please, can you fix the bottom scroll bar on the deckbuilder menu? It's awful to use!
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