Sarkhan Unbroken (1/16/19)

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manabluepngmanaredpngmanagreenpng Sarkhan Unbroken manabluepngmanaredpngmanagreenpng

(At Level 60)
-1 manawhitepng | +3 manabluepng | -1 manablackpng | +3 manaredpng | +3 managreenpng 
118 HP
Creatures: 6 | Supports: 6 | Spells: 7

"Disillusioned by his servitude to Nicol Bolas, Sarkhan fell into madness. However, a voice in his mind led him to the spot where the Spirit Dragon, Ugin, died.

There, Sarkhan found a way to travel back through time and prevent Ugin's death at Nicol Bolas's hands."


Whispers of Ugin - Cost 9
Level 1 - Draw a card, then increase one of your colored mana bonuses by 1 (chosen randomly) until end of turn.
Level 2 - ...increase your mana bonuses on each of that card's colors by 1 until end of turn.
Level 3 - 2 until end of turn.
Level 4 - 2 for 3 turns.

Temur's Hunger - Cost 15
Level 1 - Create a Minor Tarkir Dragon Token.
Level 2 - Create a Tarkir Dragon Token.
Level 3 - Create a Major Tarkir Dragon Token.
Level 4 - Create a Major Tarkir Dragon Token. Create a Temur's Hunger Token.

Sangrite Overlords - Cost 21
Level 1 - Fetch the next creature with power 6 or greater from your library and give it full mana.
Level 2 - Fetch the next 2 creatures...
Level 3 - Fetch the next 3 creatures...
Level 4 - ...full mana. Then, all creatures in your hand gain Haste.


Tarkir Dragon
Minor - [Red, Green] Creature - Dragon: 1/1 Flying - When this creature enters the battlefield, it gets +X/+X, where X is your Red mana bonus.
Minor - ...where X is the sum of your Green and Red mana bonus.
Major - ...sum of your Blue, Green and Red mana bonus.

Temur's Hunger
[Blue, Red, Green] Support - 3 Shield - Whenever a creature you control attacks, if that creature's power is 6 or greater, it gets +1/+1 and Trample until end of turn.
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