Adjustable Supports (snrk)

Puns aside, the idea here is that it would be really handy if you could de-power supports below whatever level you "unlock", so that you could use them more flexibly with your roster. For instance, let's say that I want to run Wasp Gauntlets on America Chavez to buff her blue damage and benefit from her passive. If I simply maximize the level on the Wasp Gauntlets I run the risk of turning her "strongest color" to blue, which is a problem for me since I frequently run America with Valkyrie. However, I might actually want to run the Wasp Gauntlets maxed out on a character that's featured in a Crash with whom I otherwise might have a really tough time.

So my idea is that you could use RIso to level up a support, but actually run the support at any level up to the level that you have "unlocked" with RIso. So I could run (for instance) my shoddy Iceman in Crash with Wasp Gauntlets buffed all the way to whatever the max level is, and then (2 hours later) equip the gauntlets to America, but "turn them down" such that Blue is a strong color for her but not stronger than red.

The UI could have a couple of arrow-shaped buttons beside the displayed level, and the player could increase/reduce the support's effective level up to the level "earned" by spending RIso.

Honestly, a similar effect could be handy for lots of character setups (say I want to use a non-loaner 3star in PvP but I want to keep America's Red as the highest color, I could "downgrade" my 3star to a level to make that happen without sacrificing the other benefits of a well-developed champ) but that might be too much to ask.
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