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Your picks for character reworks.

tiomonotiomono Posts: 1,005 Chairperson of the Boards
Following the new characters you want topic, let's discuss who your picks would be for reworks.

Again try to keep it to 3. So maybe we can get requested reworks.

1) Kraven, he needs at least 2 good powers. He currently is only good at countering special tile spammers. His other 2 powers are dead weight. Maybe let his trap tile steal one AP per trap per turn instead of only stealing one ap regardless of how many you manage to get on the board.

2) 5* wasp. Let her really spam swarm tiles or take the limits off them for her damage

3) 5* hulk he should be kinda like bishop only generating green not blue. Make it so when a rampaging green monster that wants to smash you is on the board, he is always in your face.


  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 2,473 Chairperson of the Boards

    I don’t have sufficient experience with 5* tier to suggest what needs doing so I’ll stick with what I know.

    1.)    The Thing – Ben has 2 powers that are basically “punch you”. However, they hit like a wet noodle and are boring. So I would swap the damage thresholds for Ben’s Red and Green powers. I’d make Green an AOE slam that stuns and for red instead of a stun I would make it so it destroys enemy special tiles.

    2.)    Doom (3*) – It has always bugged me that Doom has an in-game set of minions that he doesn’t actually use. I would therefore change “Summon Demons” to “Summon Doombots” and have it act in a similar capacity to Kingpin’s Yellow.

    3.)    Kingpin (4*) – Just put him back how he was.  

  • MirrorKnightMirrorKnight Posts: 46 Just Dropped In
    Seconding requesting a rework on Thing. Not necessarily a big rework, but just balancing his numbers at least. The damage on his red, while boosted, is less than the damage on Mockingbird's red, unboosted. Yes there is a delay on her red (countdowns), and yes his stuns, but seriously, that damage is very lacking.

    4* Punisher is strong when boosted, but is kinda boring and has really been left behind by power creep (especially in his specific colors). Making his blue a passive that puts out strikes would help him a lot (maybe make a trap every turn that makes a strike when matched?)

    Sentry and Ragnarok both need some love. They've been at the bottom of the 3* heap for as long as I can remember
  • whitecat31whitecat31 Posts: 550 Critical Contributor

    Sentry and Ragnarok both need some love. They've been at the bottom of the 3* heap for as long as I can remember
    That's because they were beat down with a nerf bat made of steel and spikes. 
  • JackTenrecJackTenrec Posts: 737 Critical Contributor
    Sentry and Ragnarok both need some love. They've been at the bottom of the 3* heap for as long as I can remember
    Well, Gambit and Elektra did get 3* versions.
  • Rod5Rod5 Posts: 426 Mover and Shaker
    Who needs love?

    All Classic fives with their measly health, weak match damage and powers which are either over-priced or under-powered.

    5* power creep needs addressing, that is my only gripe.
  • JwallyrJwallyr Posts: 163 Tile Toppler
    I remember reading that the 5star tier has numbers out of whack with the rest of the game in the first place, such that they're basically "6 star" characters only there's not an actual appropriately-scaled 5star tier in the game. I'd be all over tweaking the entire 5star tier downward to put them more in line with the previous tiers, each of which is a hefty step above the tier below, but the general rules for match damage and ability power just stop working between the 4 and 5star tiers.

    But yes, it's really stupid that old 5stars have tinykitty match damage and new 5stars don't. Like why is it different at all, instead of being based, roughly, on level and such? Makes no sense.
  • bbiglerbbigler Posts: 1,400 Chairperson of the Boards
    It would be nice if every character had some kind of use (within their tier) in the game, so here's my overly long list which disregards development time:

    5* Tier
    Wasp - passively create Swarm tiles and make Call the Swarm cost 9 AP
    Banner - make the transformation easier, spam green better

    4* Tier
    Devil Dino - double all damage dealt
    Emma - make purple power cost 8, make both repeaters fortified when fired, reduce black to 6 AP
    X-23 - make green power Berserker Fury all the time and manually place the purple trap tile
    XFW - Double his green damage, make yellow CD tile restore health when matched away
    Kraven - Reduce black to 8 AP, Reduce blue to 7 AP and steal 2 random AP and deal more damage
    Wiccan - make it easier to transform into the Demiurge
    Bucky - reduce purple to 7 AP, reduce blue to 9 AP, reduce red to 10 AP
    Eddie - don't make enemy protect tiles

    3* Tier
    Angel - Increase blue damage by 50%, Double green damage
    Punisher - Double Black and Red Damage, Double Strike tile strength
    Colossus - reduce black cost to 10 AP
    Gambit - reduce ally damage, reduce purple cost to 10
    Sentry - reduce self and ally damage by 50%
    Squirrel Girl - make yellow not end the turn, make 5 green CD tiles

    Since players spend so little time in the 1* and 2* tiers, I won't bother with any adjustments

  • tiomonotiomono Posts: 1,005 Chairperson of the Boards
    Rod5 said:
    Who needs love?

    All Classic fives with their measly health, weak match damage and powers which are either over-priced or under-powered.

    5* power creep needs addressing, that is my only gripe.
    This is probably the simplest fix for 5's. Bring all of their match damage numbers to the same spot.
  • MarcusGravesMarcusGraves Posts: 494 Mover and Shaker
    I have no faith in them reworking characters anymore since they keep showing us they don't have the ability to do proper reworks w/o ruining something.
  • jreddjredd Posts: 1,096 Chairperson of the Boards
    banner/wasp - just make them better somehow, someway
    phoenix - get rid of the team damage on her green when she resurrects and the enemy attack tile generation

    lots of 4* are either irrelevant or just roster spot holders:
    emma frost
    agent venom

    me hulk - green needs to do something other than uselessly moving a couple tiles at the start of your turn
    elektra - purp still sucks

  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 2,438 Chairperson of the Boards
    I want Kraven to be able to create enemy specials while his trap is out, or when it’s matched. Uncap or raise the cap on his black if it’s going to cost that much.

    Flaptain-blue is completely outclassed. It needs to buff more tiles, and it would be nice if it decrimented repeaters as well as countdowns to differentiate it from Coulson.

    lockjaw-put a little active damage on green? I’m not sure what to do with him. He seems like he would fit in to many of my teams but he just never does much in practice

    Emma-Black needs a nuke if you fire it twice, or passive when the last fortification is broken to make it unique from say Miles’s purple. Make the two repeaters do something immediately if the counters need to be that long

    thing-Red should be cheaper, it can stay as is otherwise. Green is totally outclassed by rogue’s red, so I think the fix should happen there. Things whole gimmick in the comics is that he’s too dumb/ugly to give up, so maybe some sort of damage thing that scales inversely to his (or teammate)s health. 
  • NotwenNotwen Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    Regarding Sentry, there are many suggestions for improving him in the Character Details section, I'll add another one here. Make his special tiles all come out fortified, in addition to getting more mileage from his special tiles that could also make him more attractive to pair with newer characters with skills tied to fortified tiles.
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