Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) Character Rework (1/9/19)

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Hi Everyone,

Here are the full details for Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)'s character rework set to be implemented tomorrow, 1/10, after the daily patch update.

bluetilepng Flexibility bluetilepng

<-- New Ability | Old Ability -->

yellowtilepng Master of the Fantastic yellowtilepng

<-- New Ability | Old Ability -->

blacktilepng Imaginaut blacktilepng

<-- New Ability | Old Ability -->

Imaginaut Effects
(All effects are listed at level 270, power level 5)
  • Locks 4x random tiles
  • Creates 2x strength 252 Strike tiles.
  • Creates 3x strength 236 Protect tiles.
  • Creates 3x strength 236 Attack tiles.
  • Generates 3 AP in the team's strongest color.
  • Converts 5x random tiles to Charged tiles
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