Arch/Angel and the "Persona Rule"

The "Persona Rule", as I understand it, is that you can't have two of the same persona on the same 3-character team. So, I can't have OML, Patch, and Wolverine as a team, 'cause they're all the same guy.

Now, Archangel was Angel (with feathered wings before Apocalypse replaced them with the metal razor ones). Ang3l is that guy who had the feathered wings, but was brought forward in time, and replaced his own wings with cosmic flame ones. He didn't want to become like Archangel, and chose a different path. So, I can see why he's "different".

That explains why Ang3l and Archangel can be on the same team, in MPQ... right?

However, if someone brought yellow-suit Wolverine to the time of OML, and they fought side-by-side, they're still the same *guy*, by the Persona Rule. Thus, we should be allowed to have the team of OML, Patch, and Wolverine. Not that I want to, just on principle.

Now, if MPQ looks at time travel like Marvel Comics usually do (I'd recommend that, as it's based on Marvel), people can travel in time, but are on the same timeline, and the same persona can meet himself. It appears that MPQ is looking at time travel with divergent pathways, where every time you make a choice, a new REALITY is formed. In that sense, when Ang3l moves forward in time, he's stepping out of the reality where he became Archangel, and stepped into one where several years have passed and Archangel already exists. This would allow two separate personas to fight side-by-side, because they are different people, from different REALITIES or dimensions. That wasn't stated, like some other characters (i.e. Chavez).

I then posit that MPQ should do one of two things: By Marvel time-travel rules, make Ang3l and Archangel the same MPQ persona and not allow them to fight on the same team. OR Assume that all current different personas could time travel and fight side-by-side, thus allowing an OML/Patch team (thus throwing out the "Persona Rule.")

Personally, I think the "Persona Rule" is fine as an MPQ game mechanic, but by Marvel time-travel rules, it's incorrect. Either way, the Ang3l/Archangel exception poses a logical inconsistency within a game based on Marvel Comics/MCU.*

*No doubt Endgame will make new rules of its own with the relationship between parallel realities/dimensions and time travel.


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    Archangel is actually a bit different. He isn't just Warren Worthington, he also has the persona of the Horseman "Death" overlaid on his psyche and is therefore technically 2 different people. There are stories where "Death" takes over and Warren is completely gone.

    MPQ law is a bit wonky on this stuff. For example Cho Hulk can't be on a team with Banner Hulk but Red Hulk can. There is no logic.
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    DAZ0273 said:
    There is no logic.
    You said a mouthful.

    The fact is, the ability to team 3-star Angel with 5-star Angel makes perfect sense, given the whole extended All-New X-Men story line where Beast brought the original X-Men from the past into the present. (Though I think they've since been sent back, haven't they? Either way, they were around for years of real world time.)

    But if that's the reason the Angels can be teamed up, shouldn't we be able to pair Teen jean with Phoenix? Or is Phoenix a 'past version' of Jean that never co-existed with her teenage time-traveling counterpart? (I think my brain just exploded; time travel should be banned as a thing, even in fiction. Trying to reason the ramifications of it would melt even Reed Richard's brain).

    Either way, Cho should definitely be able to exist on the same team as Banner. I mean, we can put Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Peter Porker all on the same team... but wait! If Peter Porker is an other-dimensional version of Peter Parker, that means Old Man Logan should be able to team-up with any of the other Wolverines since he exists on an Earth in a different dimension than the prime Marvel Universe. Of course, this opens a whole new can of worms with the characters based on the Cinematic Universe, which clearly exists outside the comic universe...

    ...  :/

    I'm clearly overthinking this, aren't I?
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    Nope, not at all! Like why can't MCU Thor team up with Jane Foster Thor? They don't even share the "only one of them can have the hammer" problem.
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    Not being able to run Cho and Banner on a team still makes me sad. I want Red/MEH/TAHulk on a team
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    Not being able to run Cho and Banner on a team still makes me sad. I want Red/MEH/TAHulk on a team
    The METAHulk team!
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    The only reason is because they dont have the same name.  That's the only limiting factor