What are the teams you just really enjoy playing and why?

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My favorite team right now is Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Agent Coulson, and Drax. It does some absurd single target damage (Like Unto Iron - 12k, Slice and Dice - 8k), has enemy tile removal/board shake, gives me the rainbow, and passively does tons of damage and generates AP as long as I'm firing powers and Coulson's countdowns get a chance to tick.

Just a quick example of what makes this team so fun, using Iron Fist's Chi Focus (6 Blue AP) will create a strength 149 purple strike tile and Coulson will create a countdown tile. If it hits 0, both he and Drax will do damage equal to roughly 2k total damage and net the team 2 random AP. So that's a strike tile, 2k damage, and 2 AP for 6 Blue AP! The team also has fairly low AP costs, and Iron Fist's Blue and Green abilities feed him Green and Black ap in the right circumstances, meaning you get even more free AP for using your abilities. 
There's just something so satisfying about watching a ton of countdown tiles hit 0 at the beginning of your turn while the enemy gets chunked to heck, you get a bunch of AP, and you still get to make plays!

Ok enough about my team, what do y'all enjoy playing and why?

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    Shuri/P4nther/C4ge. Fortified tiles everywhere, two different passives doing additional damage on certain matches to let you multi-dip on the Strikes, and C4ge's yellow very quickly becomes obscenely good.
    HoboFist, Kitty, Grocket. One of the main benefits of the starting Strikes here is that Danny can start generating AP and fortifying them as soon as he gets some blue. His black is also handy both as a nuke and because Kitty can easily generate Protects, but not so much Strikes, so her yellow into his black is an alternate route to replenishing your Strikes if necessary.
    C4ge, HoboFist, C&D. C&D can generate either black for Danny or yellow for Luke, and they cover purple, which is the only gap in that pairing. They also supply more Special tiles for Luke to Fortify, and once you get some decent Strikes out, their purple is a very cheap way to get the extra damage from those.
    2* Thor/Magneto/Storm. I still love playing this team in DDQ, or if I manage to jump into Sim early enough to get some Seed Teams. Mags uses purple to generate red and blue. Either he or Thor can use the red to do damage and generate more AP (Mags uses it better early on, Thor better in the late game). Thor uses yellow to generate green. Storm uses blue for Team damage and stunning, and green to generate still more AP. If the match goes on long enough that you can build up a good stock of both yellow and green, it's entirely possible to go Winfinite with them, picking up enough yellow and red with a couple uses of Storm's green that Thor can then use his red and yellow to replenish the green and start over again.
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    I quite enjoy The Mods. They hit hard, especially when they use their edit power to remove random dodgy links in posts on this forum.
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    I've really been enjoying 5* Ghost Rider/Valkyrie/Chavez now that I've thrown a little Iso into Robbie. He's just under level 340, 7/4/3 build (waiting on a final cover from Blaze). 

    I have them arranged from left to right Chavez/Rider/Valkyrie. Basically you just chase Bounty Hunter around the board, and fire off green as you get it. The way things trigger in this configuration is that Chavez does her damage, triggers Bounty Hunter, and if that happens at the beginning of a turn, Valkyrie will put down Bounty Hunter again, letting you potentially get it via match or power damage again. It isn't invincible on defense (probably because Chavez doesn't start off pre-stacked with AP), but it's really fun when it gets working. It's also cool that it isn't reliant on special tiles really, so you don't have to worry about anything wrecking it when you aren't looking.