Infinite "Something Went Wrong" loop when starting a new HoD round

I had no other problems, running the game on my very stable home wi-fi and playing for a couple hours, holiday event and HoD event, winning everything and enjoying a perfect score. Then upon starting another game (left node of HoD) I got a connection error, I [Retry] and get a "Something went wrong..." and since then every time i [Retry] I get another SWW error... and another and another...

I'm really frustrated by this as it will likely cost me a node charge and I had a perfect score. Losing 450 jewels because the game cannot properely retry a failed game instance loading is terribad.

The same or very similar thing has happened to me a couple weeks ago, but then I clicked Cancel, got back to the event's main screen and had 1 charge lost.

Now I'm tapping Retry for over an hour as I really don't want to lose my perfect score to this nonsense.

Is there any safe way out of this?


  • Tremayne
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    Sorry to hear that you lost a perfect score.

    As far as I know there is no way to recover from the situation you described.
  • Yawgmoth
    Yawgmoth Posts: 67 Match Maker

    3 hours later no solution so I clicked Cancel and got the loss, perfect score no more  :(

    and a new, strange, mildly annoying and funny bug arose from this - now every time I select a planeswalker for any battle, no matter if this HoD event, Holiday event or Training Grounds, that planeswalker's health drops to <10%. Healing (potion) and going back to him or selecting another causes the hp to drop again. All without starting any fights!  This is stupid. 
  • Tremayne
    Tremayne Posts: 1,611 Chairperson of the Boards
    I think that I have heard about a similar problem a while back.

     I don’t recall if there were any official response to that problem, but you should definitely make a separate ticket for that.
  • Brigby
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    @Yawgmoth I'm sorry to hear that happened to you, especially due to the subsequent issue with your Planeswalkers' health points dropping to <10%.

    Would you mind private messaging me your UID? I'd be happy to pass this issue directly to the team, so they can investigate why that might be happening to your account.