Last Chance For Lady Deadpool Costume + New Costume *Updated (1/4/19)

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Hi Everyone,

Today is your last chance to snag the Lady Deadpool Costume when you purchase V.I.P., so if you think all that hack-n-slash, pew-pew action looks better when the "Merc with the Mouth" is rocking a ponytail, then act quick!
Lady Deadpool is no longer available as a reward in V.I.P.. We hope those of you that were able to snag the Costume are enjoying it!

On top of that, we're revealing a brand new Costume today that will be added into V.I.P. 

Superior Octopus

  • Costume: Superior Octopus
  • Costume Character: 5-Star Doctor Octopus (Classic)
  • Costume Rarity: 3-Star
  • Availability: Starting on 1/4/19
  • Duplicate Reward: 500 Hero Points
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