Create a "Sandbox" for testing

I would hope that I wouldn't need a lot more explanation than the title, but here goes: I think it would be a great addition for the game to offer a "sandbox" option, where the player can set up enemy teams (preferably including the whole gamut of potential enemy characters) and then create their own teams, and play them against each other. This would allow players to try out new teams and combinations without having to leave a Story node incomplete and/or risk accidentally completing an un-cleared Story node earlier than the player would intend; would also allow players to try things without losing points in SHIELD Simulator (or without leaving an easily-beaten combo team out for defense).

Player should be able to use boosts/team-ups without them actually being consumed, and no damage taken/delivered in this node should persist after the match. This would both keep players from being penalized for testing AND prevent use of such a node to get characters (say, Gladator Thor) below a threshold of health without incurring the normal logistical costs of such a strategy.

I'd like to see players able to pick from ALL possible enemies, at all possible levels and with all possible team-ups at all possible levels, but the complexity of such a setup would probably be more costly than it's worth. Simply letting the player select from their own roster a set of characters to be the enemy team and then a different set (possibly with the same character occurring on both sides) for their own team would go a long way toward allowing players a safe option to try out different teams and test out interactions between various characters.


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    It could also help a lot in trying to replicate some of the weird interaction bugs between different powers.
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