Team up/Combo Database additions

TintaiwanTintaiwan Posts: 176 Tile Toppler

team up/combo database update
to read
to add your own

Kingpin (Spider-Verse) - 5
Bishop (Classic) - 4
Prowler (Aaron Davis) - 4
Spider-Ham (Peter Porker) - 4

Again, I can't update often, but if you want to help let me know....  

Did I miss anyone new?



  • TintaiwanTintaiwan Posts: 176 Tile Toppler
    okay - another few fixes.   It was mark no longer accepting submissions.  Now accepting again.

    second fixed first - which was multiple choice...  

    finally, something is not lining up.    order is different on the lists(question 1,2,3) and one has an extra addition.  No time to track down differences...

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