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We are a husband and wife team, looking for an alliance that will have us and fit us (as it is two people, and not one individual looking for an alliance, I chose to make it into a separate post. If a moderator disagrees, please relocate the thread to another appropriate place). Looking for a long term commitment if it works out.

Total playing time: about 6 months (from late July 2018 onwards)
Shield rank: currently around 80
Status: 3* almost all championed, 4* all rostered, moving into 4* transition and looking to develop a real 4* team, 5* about 50% rostered.
my partner's roster is fairly similar (but is not entered in the gamependium), like me his best 4* is an America Chavez, has spend a little more iso on the 4* and 5* than I have.

Current alliance situation: we are in a 2 person alliance together to share our CP's from buying VIP etc, but it is obviously not effective for getting alliance rewards - that's why we are looking to join something better. We can join another alliance whenever is convenient.

General style: at this moment we do not hoard tokens, CP or ISO. We farm our 2* and 3*. We like a fully developed roster and to champ every char, regardless of popularity. So while we roster 5*s, we are not looking to play 5* land anytime soon, we are content with a broad, slow buildup and have fun along the way (I do not think we can be convinced to change that to a 'get into 5* asap' style).

Style PVE: We have so far always finish our PVE, with points to spare to rank as best as we can, we do a 4 - 3 clear. I am not quite sure if the number of points in lower scl levels are less than in the higher levels, but in case they are, these are our current choices:
As our avaible time slot (at 18.00 for us) can potentially conflict with various RL stuff, like workplace demands that we cannot always fit in (and have to be prioritized sadly), we currently compromise on scl lvl to play. That is why I only play at this moment at scl 4 (but I  always rank top 5 at this point) and my partner at scl 6 (between top 50 and top 10). I probably could comfortably play scl 6 if I had more time (my workplace is further away, so I often only have 30-40 min left before 18.00 to finish my nodes).
We probably could try scl 7, but with more risk of not finishing. In boss events we haven't been able to get far obviously, but we can usually keep playing until the opponents are getting way over lvl 200. PVE is our main focus, we like it better than PVP.

Style PVP: we play every PVP at the moment for 40 wins to get the 4* cover. As we can vary the playing time schedule, we somehow always manage to get there, though we cannot gain a proper ranking most of the time. Our points therefore vary between 400 and 800 (the latter only if we invested in shields, which we do not always do. Season-wise we have finished somewhere around the 6250 mark, the red iso, the last time, and I expect we will again this time. I suspect we are not good candidates for a PVP focused alliance. At scl 7 I find myself outclassed by most of the avid ranking players there that have championed 4*s, I need to prey on 3* players to get enough wins, that I usually find outside the top50.

Line communication: we have Line, but I cannot access it during the day at work. I can promiss to check it once a day or so if necessary.

VIP and spending: we buy a VIP account every month, we do not mind committing to that if others also do that for CP purposes.  I will not commit to spending more than the VIP, though I can choose sometimes might spend more if I like an offer.

What we are looking for: A nice bunch of people that understand each other if RL interferes with ambition. More to the point: A PVE or mixed PVE/PVP oriented alliance for daily active players that  tries to get a decent ranking (I do not know precisely which amibition would fit with us in our current state, if for instance top100 pve is far out of reach or relatively close); the goals would be in line with the commitment of the players, and the commitment of players would be similar to each other. Active recruiting by alliance leadership should keep the alliance as close to 20 as possible.

Edit: we have been accepted in an alliance, this thread can be deleted.

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