Some observation about Forerunner of the Legion (and likely other Forerunners too)

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Some of us perhaps remember a problematic 'fix' on Forerunner of the Legion (and the other Forerunners as well) where, once Forerunner starts fetching someone including itself with its ability, the next time it fetches, it has fewer cards that it can fetch, culminating in them not being able to fetch anything at all afterwards.

However, I just found out something:

If I fetch Forerunner using Summoner's Pact or Chord of Calling, those two, how do I put it, cancel out the supposed Forerunner fix, and thus the next time I use Forerunner itself to fetch, it can always fetch from a full list of four (this is including if Forerunner is my only creature).

Now, as a fan of Forerunner fetch combo the last time before it got broken by the fix (supposedly to neuter Huatli + Path of Discovery, if I remember reading it somewhere), I certainly appreciate that there is a way to fix Forerunner, but at the same time, perhaps we can also undo that 'fix' so that I don't always have to use Pact or Chord to bring Forerunner to its former glory?

PS: Speaking about the Huatli + Explore combo that exploited Forerunner and thus, as from what I heard, resulted in the Forerunner getting gutted by a 'fix', may I suggest applying what you used in the Izzet node of Rising Tension? In that, cards you fetch via whatever cannot be cast on the same turn they are fetch if you are worried about the infinite combo, no matter how much mana you pump in.


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    Although, the cannot cast a copy card on the same turn wasnt a bad fix (and perhaps necessary); if they neuter fetch cards to not cast the same turn... well this game will head down the path of mundane-ness as it approaches a more balanced state. Personally, i want combos and i want some level of brokenness (not too excessive of course) - its fun and exciting for me. Also i like fast things to pound through events cause i simply dont have much time. and if it gets any slower or longer...  i would unfortunately have to consider folding the game as a whole or going super super casual. Sad face. 

    I would more like to recommend more AI side limitations as opposed to both AI and Player side limitations. Like the legacy kiora gem conversion deck is pretty ridiculous but if the AI side was limited to only be able to cast a few iterations, it wouldnt cause as much grief; but still let players enjoy its awesomeness. As for balance... that particular deck is a different story as one way or another more gem changers and such will infiltrate legacy and it will find a way to persist. So nerfing/balancing would only delay the inevitable. 

    In fact, i believe the same for the path of discovery and fetch forerunners. Ive played it, its strong. But i dont like it because i have to sit through 20 mins games so i rarely if ever play it. Even the nissa4 version. I dont have time for that. 

    In conclusion:

    1. Focus more on limiting AI side actions for loopy decks as a general rule, i.e. the AI only being able to dump 12-18 cards a turn. 

    2. Undo fetch forerunner nerf. It was terrible implementation, honestly; unlike the copy card balance. If it was nerfed properly as in: even if i drew 2 forerunners, i can still fetch a total of 4 extra forerunners, then great! But drawing 2 forerunners and only being able to fetch 2 more... assuming i dont draw more... bad, bad kitty. 

    3. (Not sure about this one but i feel it would be necessary at some point) Consider player side maximum card dump limitations per turn. Same concept as #1 but player side. The player side limit would have to be higher than the AI side by far (perhaps x2 or x3) so it doesnt cut off loops too early but also doesnt enable it to infinity. BUT I AM VERY HESITANT ABOUT THIS. 
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