Longbox Heroes recruitment

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Were looking to fill a slot open by a long time teammate that is on a break! We're an active top 100 PvP and top 250 PvE Alliance with a FB page and messenger. 

PvP Requirements - average 650 each event - We average 52-65 in PvP events and with your help we can edge to top 50!!!

PvE Requirements - Alliance boss events are mandatory but not story events. The group communicates regularly in boss events for optimal performance and rewards. If you can't actively participate but there's real life commitments we are very flexible.

Roster requirements - NONE! The more defined the roster the better but we care more about daily participation in PvP and Boss events than how much time/money you've put into the game. Even a 3* roster can hit 650 and our group provides support frequently!

We are looking for competitive and competitive-casual players - there's currently 1 spot available and we evaluate after every season. If you are in a rut and is looking to gain extra rewards LOOK NO FURTHER and inquire via DM.

Look us up Longbox Heroes and we'll respond quickly to inquiries
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