Losing reward due to event timing out.

I played Oath of the Gatewatch 2, and, as I needed one more point to get the next reward, decided to play the next match and at least pick up some mana crystals.

There were about 15min left on the event clock.  I entered using Jace 1 and my usual legacy deck.  Turns out the opponent has over 250 life.

So I grind through the thing (facing the computer opponent's standard incompetent play).  It turns out that I took 20min to finish it off.

I get allocated 5 points, and then the event screen shows negative time left and blank reward information.  Needless to say, I didn't get the mana crystals I would otherwise have won.

Has anyone else had this experience?

IMO, if the policy is to apply a hard stop(no rewards after timeout), I propose terminating the match on expiry of time, so that players don't waste time grinding through a match which will avail them of nothing.

I also think a staggered halt(timeout is for the start, not end, of matches) would be a more sensible way to run events.

Please tell me if I interpreted the game's action incorrectly (eg. if rewards are earned end are mailed, or something of the kind).


  • Shaaw
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    Agreed. Either allow the rewards or terminate the match  
  • Mobyslick
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    Happened to me a few times. They need to let any match started before the end of the event still get rewards. Obviously the timing's an issue for your final ranking in the event, but that's easily avoided by locking rankings once the event is over (but still allowing point-based personal rewards as above).