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Let me say first of all that I love this game and am quite addicted to it.   I have very few negative issues with it other than this one  And I know I'm a grammar cop, but it's part of who I am. 

I frequently come across the word "less" in card descriptions when the correct word would be "fewer".  "Fewer" should always be used when referring to things you can count,  and "less" with things you can't.  So "3 creatures or fewer" and "4 spells in your graveyard or fewer " vs "8 mana or less".

I'd love it if you'd consider changing this. 

Thanks for all your hard work. 



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    Welcome to the forum!
    You've found a great topic for your very first post. This is part of a bigger issue we're trying to the attention of the devs - rules and standardized wording.
    I really hope this will get fixed soon!
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    This needs attention - and the OP has only touched on the surface of the problem.

    There are cards with such poor descriptions that it is difficult to impossible to work out what they do until you play them and find out. The most cryptic cards in my collection are probably Field of Ruin and Kari Zev's Expertise - I remember being glad that I got the latter, until I played it (or more accurately, was incapable of playing itin several consecutive matches.

    Then there are the cards with frankly misleading descriptions, eg. Makeshift Munitions.

    And let me not forget mission objectives - just what is meant by "summon", a term liberally used in objectives but never anywhere else?  It seems to most often mean "place a non-token card to the battlefield from your hand", but occasionally tokens are counted.  It took me a long time to realise that I wasn't confused, the stuff really did make no sense!

    It's not even worth ticketing this sort of thing, as the retort is a variation on "we know about this, but it's low priority as there are more serious problems to fix".

    Apologies for the rant - the reason I get annoyed is that this sort of thing can put people off the game, and I don't want that.  The more players the better!