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Doc Ock's Phase 2 text font issue [Investigating]

mbarenmbaren Posts: 139 Tile Toppler
The text for Dock Ock's Phase 2 is (on Steam, PC) too large - basically, the description bubble cuts off some of the description.

This is the same issue that existed, or may still exist (I haven't checked lately) for one of 4* Black Widow's powers, and has cropped up a couple of other times here and there.

Given that this has now happened several times, I would suggest that whoever is putting these things together make an extra QA check to ensure that things are readable.

//Edited Title -Brigby


  • mbarenmbaren Posts: 139 Tile Toppler
    I just confirmed - the same is true for Phase 3
  • FreelancerFreelancer Posts: 117 Tile Toppler
    It also cuts off part of the description of his Blue power as well.
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