DefenderBrasil Recruiting NOW *9 Slots Open*

Lienwein Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
Hello everyone ,

We at DefenderBrasil have 9 slots open for Anyone who wants to have good alliance Events but don't want to be attached to any other Goals in normal events. We are a casual alliance who asks only to follow the rules bellow:

  • Speak portuguese - You do not need to be brazilian, but it's the default languade of the alliance
  • do not be away for more than 2 days
  • Must play in the alliance events - All other events are optional.

Other things to know about our alliance:

  • We have a whatsapp group. it's not obrigatory
  • we have no Rules about PVP nor any non-Alliance PVe events, so fell free to play pretty casually and we'll warn everyone about an alliance event starting
  • We have several high 4* 5* players and other low 4* high 3* players. we don't have a minimum rooster range. fell free to join. as long as you help and want to grow we'll not ban you, we'll help you grow.
  • It's an open alliance, just search for the name and enter the guild. we'll welcome you 
That's all for Now if  you have any doubts or want to know more reach for me and i'll help as well as i can.