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Hi Everyone,

At 12pm EST on December 13th, we will be debuting a new Story event called Sinister 600. Sinister 600 is an Alliance event that takes you into and across the Spider-Verse. Take on harder locations to clear tougher score targets and earn better rewards!

Norman Osborn has joined forces with villains from across the multiverse to unleash the Sinister 600 on our heroes. Team up with familiar and strange allies to take them down!

Locations are grouped by difficulty - Easy (Green), Medium (Yellow), Hard (Orange), and Deadly (Red). Completing the mission grants access to the location in that difficulty. Missions in these difficulty ranges will rotate each day.

The more people who play in a difficulty, the better chances you have at getting the top reward. From the Sinister 600 chapter, you will be able to see how many players have selected a mission. You will also be able to see the chapter information (including the rewards) before selecting the mission.

Event Details

Alliance Event
  • You will need to join or create an Alliance in order to participate in this event.
  • Please be careful when switching Alliances before this event. Before you start playing, you'll be asked if you want to play this event with your current Alliance members.
  • Up to 20 players can participate in this event per Alliance.
    • The first 20 people to join the event with a specific Alliance are grouped with those 20 people for the duration of the event.
    • If you join the event and there are 20 people in your Alliance already signed up for the event, you will join the event separate from the other 20 people.
  • Players earn individual Progression Rewards in the main Sinister 600 event.
  • Each member of the Alliance contributes points towards Alliance Progress rewards in their specific sub-chapter.
  • When your Alliance reaches the score for an Alliance Progress Reward in a chapter, that reward is given to every member of the Alliance in the Sinister 600 event, regardless of if they're also in that chapter or not.

Parent Chapter

  • Lists individual progression rewards.
  • Contains six missions.
    • One mission for each difficulty.
      • Prologue Mission *New Update*
      • Easy (Levels 50 - 150)
      • Medium (Levels 90 - 185)
      • Hard (Levels 180 - 300)
      • Deadly (Levels 250 - 450)
      • Epilogue Mission *New Update*
    • New missions are available for each difficulty each day.
    • Join a location's Sub-Chapter by completing its mission.
      • All other locations are then locked.
      • All locations unlock at the beginning of each day.
      • Each player can choose a different location.
  • Each location lists how many player are defending that location and how many points have been contributed to the location's score.


  • Lists the Alliance progression rewards
  • Points are earned are contributed to the location score
  • Is available for 24 hours
  • Contains twelve missions.
    • Eight normal, a one-on-one, and three required missions.
    • Four normal missions and each required mission can be played four times for points and mission rewards.
      • 4 normal and the one-on-one missions can be played once for points
      • Wave missions that can be played multiple times can be played once for points and mission rewards.
    • Missions do not regenerate points over time.

Reward Tables

Event Stores

Sinister 600 Vault
  • 80 Items
    • 1x Legendary Token
    • 3x Beginner Supports Tokens
    • 1x Featured 4-Star Cover
    • 2x Random 4-Star Covers
    • 3x Featured 3-Star Covers
    • 18x Random 3-Star Covers
    • 10x Featured 2-Star Covers
    • 42x Random 2-Star Covers
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