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I know a lot of players are wanting 5* feeders updated now that we have cover save feature. I’m trying to think about this from a player happiness perspective as well as a money making perspective and am wondering if this is a good compromise.

1- Update all the Classic 5* so each has a feeder.

(I know this is a big ask off the bat, but a couple covers here or there for mostly lower tier characters won’t make much of a difference. All the big meta ones have feeders anyway- Thorkoye, Jessica, Thanos, etc.)

2- Do as you do now where 5* are first only available in the new release store, then available in Latest Legends, then after they rotate from Latests, give them a 4* feeder. 

I think this accomplishes a few things.

a) It encourages us to spend if we want a competitive advantage while the character is in Latests.  During that time the characters are frequently featured and boosted, and necessary to complete the 5* essential node. 

b) Once the character is no longer in Latests, we can still roster the character. For anyone who didn’t get them and gets a “free cover” it encourages opening up a roster spot. 

c) It gives us something to look forward to and helps us plan. Plus we can have fun speculating who the feeder is going to be! The day a person rotates out can also be “feeder day”!

d) It solves the communication issue around feeders once and for all. We know that characters enter tokens the beginning of each season which is great! Same with the order of latest/classic 5* in PVE. No one harps or asks questions about things when we “know the deal” but when you look at the erratic nature of feeders and who is required in shield training each month, you see a stark difference.  You could do yourself a big favor on the communication front this way without having to say much after the initial announcement. 

Thoughts? Any reason this wouldn’t work from a player or developer perspective?


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    1) I notice that feeders usually go along with special events as part of the "celebration package". The disadvantage to the devs are probably they have one less thing to add.

    I kinda agree with this statement from a past Q&A with the devs: 

    "Progression in any RPG eventually slows down, and speeding things up in one place often just hastens the moment when things get slow."

    Giving all 5* feeders now will make the players happy for a while. After that, the next request is likely to be, "Since all the 5* have feeders or since we have 3X more 4* than 5*, it's time to let the 5* have double or triple feeders." When the devs go ahead with this request, history repeats again. 

    2) When should the devs feed the 5* who just got rotated out? Should there be a fixed timeline, like 1 day, 1 week or 1 month after rotating into Classics?

    I foresee that the answers are likely to be, why not introduce feeders for the new 5* immediately instead of coming up with marketing tricks like this? Players would be more happy this way.

    2a) I think this might create resentment instead, based on the responses after no more feeders were announced for newly released 5* immediately, after Wasp and Loki. 

    b) Comments are usually negatives when it comes to speculation about 5*. It's usually comments like they will choose a new 4* or old and useless 4* to feed the 5* because they want to gate the players from getting covers immediately and  blah blah blah.

    I think the players need to control their urge for instant gratification.
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