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Puzzle Warriors 3 - Ep#170: Like a four-star Bagman

XaOs72XaOs72 Posts: 185 Tile Toppler

* Missing CP
* New Support
* R167


  • JaedenkaalJaedenkaal Posts: 3,338 Chairperson of the Boards
    i don't like calling her blonde widow.   i prefer white widow.
    "it's a nice day for a....
     white widow....
    it's a nice day to
    def-a-laid..... wowwww!"
    This can't be un-heard.
  • ZootSaxZootSax Posts: 1,468 Chairperson of the Boards
    Regarding this week's superhero showdown, I'm going to have to go with Shooting Star.  As I only know the Brotherhood of Mutants from the movies, where regardless of their power they always immediately lose once they face a hero, I have to assume that any team derived from former Brotherhood of Mutant characters will share a similar fate.  
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