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Looking for an easygoing coalition.

BraphoxBraphox Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
Trying this again. 

I'm still a new player. I have 7 pws,  2 maxed. I don't have all of the Origins cards yet. 
At best, I'm mediocre. 

I am not looking for a top anything coalition. 

I am looking for a friendly group that likes to have fun, and learn the game with.  I do enjoy competitiveness and aspiring to do better. Just as long as it is in a friendly environment. 

In short, is there a coalition of adults that act like adults and play the game for fun? With no drama or temper tantrums on a weekly basis? 
I have absolutely zero patience for passive aggressive condescending attitude from anyone.


  • sjechuasjechua Posts: 170 Tile Toppler
    Hi @Braphox, check your inbox for a link to join a coalition with the requirements you have requested.
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