Thor's new Call the Storm animations

OK, I'm gonna be a nitpicky jerk here icon_razz.gif So you've been warned icon_lol.gif

Before I say anything, I want to mention that I think the dev team, IceIX, and the artists, have by and large been doing a bang-up job on the game so far icon_e_smile.gif

Now to my point: I noticed, like most other Thor players, the change in his green ability animation when it was added 2 weeks ago.

It was always a little weird since it was the only ability of Thor's that didn't call up his portrait. It also seemed to be the ability with the longest animation time(?). The original version seemed even longer than Daken's passive.

I'm glad the look was changed to add a graphic (the hammer), but I've given it some time and it really, really, really doesn't work for me icon_e_sad.gif

From what I can tell, there are only 2 types of ability animations in the game:
- Animations that super-impose a character portrait when the ability is triggered (Thor's Red & Yellow, Storm's Green, etc.)
- Animations that have no character portrait, just a special effect onscreen (2-star Wolvie's red slashy slash, C. Storm's yellow with white whirlwinds, etc.)

The new version seems to be the only animation in the game with a super-imposed portrait that *isn't* of a character? (Pretty sure this is true...?) It's really weird and jarring to expect a portrait and see a static hammer graphic (which has a totally different art style than the character art) instead.

Also, the new version's animation ends with a lengthy rainfall, which I really feel doesn't suit the character. Thor is a guy who walks around pounding things *once* with his giant magic hammer. Then, those things fall over. End of. His abilities should have a single, loud thunderclap effect and that's it.

In contrast, lengthy rainfalls and other weird miscellaneous weather effects are the domain of a different character, who is in the game (Storm). As a result, the new animations seem really out of place not just for Thor, but also for Storm. It's like, shouldn't Storm have this visual effect instead? icon_question.gif

If I can make a suggestion for a replacement, I would suggest that Thor's green should:

- Play the lightning effects much more quickly in the background (about half as long)
- Use the thunderclap sound effect from his yellow
- Superimpose his current "at the front" character portrait onscreen if the art team can't provide any new assets...the image could appear in the center of the screen and zoom in briefly before disappearing

Again, I feel really bad about even bringing this up but it just seems so jarring. Thanks for listening icon_lol.gif


  • I think the graphic of the hammer looks a bit out of place too - maybe it could be changed to a character picture like the other abilities (and like someguy suggests)?
  • feel the same. it's rather pathetic for a hammer static animation.
    maybe it shoul be better like this pose