The Dragon War

In regard to the event as a whole:
This event is too long. I am currently over progression with about 17 charges and more than a day to play. Perhaps the event time should decrease or the rewards be elongated and restructured. 

In regard to betas in general:
Maybe it would be best to announce the goal of the beta along with the announcement about the beta. I know that isn't always the best idea, but I think it depends on the goal. Specifically, I think I've already lost some charges, so there's no way I can more than max out, so I can't contribute meaningfully toward the test goal. I didn't know until today what the point of the beta was. If it was announced within the "please sign up" request, I missed it and that's on me. Additionally, it might be helpful to add rewards that incentivize players to test your goal.

Specifically this beta, if you had added one more *exceptional* reward, that was just out of reach (max points +2), it would maximize the number of players grinding it out until the bitter, boring end. Then, to be fair, after the event, give the same reward to people who maxed out points. 


  • Theros
    Theros Posts: 490 Mover and Shaker
    The event is too long and rewards are too small for the effort and time. According to my calculations, the event is not worth the time and effort if you can't make it to top 5.
    Few minutes in Rising Tentions (40 mins for all progression) gave me better rewards than the event and I only lost 1 game and 2 secondaries
    . So much hours for so little. I'm better of playing RT, TG and totp than this event. Our coilition ranked at 70 and we only got 10 pinks and peanuts.

    Octagon does not appreciate the impact communities have on the survival of this game. Concerning the rewards, coalition rewards should be higher. Rewards should be compelling enough to make people go beyond progression or contribute as much as possible. As it is, why the effort for peanuts. This is valid not just for dragon, but all other events